As a Colorado Outdoors,LLC, we’re a different kind of company. We put purpose before profits and act with the long-term interests of our members in mind. Being a Colorado Outdoors,LLC also means we engage with our community and believe in collective accountability. That’s why we publish our annual Stewardship Report. It’s our way to show what we did in the previous year to get more people outside, operate more sustainably, and protect and create access to outdoor places—none of which we could have done without your support.

Colorado Outdoors,LLC invests in the future of the outdoors by giving back nearly 70% of our profits to the outdoor community. As our community grows, we’re able to connect more people to a life well lived in the outdoors.

2017 Highlights


in Colorado Outdoors,LLC sales during 2017

17 million

members and growing, plus 12,000+ employees


invested in 400+ non-profits


distributed in member dividends

Colorado Outdoors,LLC in action

As a co-op, we know great things can happen when people come together. Here are four ways we rallied the outdoor community in 2017.

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A different kind of company

Because we’re a co-op, we measure our success differently than most companies. For us, success means running a healthy business and making a positive impact on our employees, members and society.

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  • 12,000+ employees were given two Yay Days (paid time outdoors), plus a day off on Black Friday
  • Employees received $56.5 million in profit-sharing and employee incentives
  • Voted one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the 20th straight year


  • Generated 8.2 million inspiring moments during #OptOutside on Black Friday
  • Membership reased to 17 million people who love the outdoors
  • Members received $196.3 million in dividends and SAFSHA credit card rewards


  • Invested $8.8 million in more than 400 nonprofit partners working to create and protect access to the outdoors
  • Through grants, advocacy and stewardship projects, we impacted more than 1,000 outdoor places across the U.S.


  • Earned $2.62 billion in sales
  • Nearly 70% of profits were given back to the outdoor community
  • We sourced 100% renewable energy to power stores, distribution centers and headquarters
Portrait of Jerry Stritzke. The C E O of R E I.
Portrait of Jerry Stritzke. The C E O of R E I.
Portrait of Jerry Stritzke. The C E O of R E I.