KONG USA Prog Stick-Clip Quickdraw


With automatic clamping action that engages when it touches an anchor point, the KONG USA Prog stick-clip quickdraw makes it easy to clip in to anchor points--even when they're hard to reach.


  • FROG connector?M??nnovative design keeps the connectoru0027s gates open until it comes into contact with the anchor bolt, then releases them automatically to close
  • Mechanism prevents accidental opening when it is under load
  • Rigid tubular webbing contains a flexible inner bar that can be bent to the shape you need
  • Inserts directionally from the bottom for added reach
  • EN 12275 and EN 362 certified for professional use


Technical specs

Best Use
Gate Open Clearance
12.7 millimeters
Strength Major Axis Closed
23 kilonewtons