C.A.M.P. USA Mach Express Dyneema Quickdraw


The ultimate trad draw, the C.A.M.P. USA Mach Express Dyneema Quickdraw is lightweight, compact, versatile and easy to use in alpine, trad or mixed climbing situations.


  • Equipped with Nano 22 carabiner for the gear end and full-size Photon Wire for the rope end; low-profile design takes up less rack space
  • Dyneema runner is 10mm x 60cm, making it versatile, strong and extremely lightweight for security on any route without the bulk or excess weight
  • Versatile and functional, itu0027s easy to operate while wearing gloves, making it well-suited for difficult trad leads, ice climbing and alpine mixed routes


Technical specs

Best Use
Gate Type
Gate Open Clearance
Nano: 21 millimeters; Photon Wire: 26 millimeters
Strength Major Axis Closed
Nano: 22 kilonewtons; Photon: 22 kilonewtons
Strength Major Axis Open
Nano: 8 kilonewtons; Photon: 8 kilonewtons
Strength Minor Axis
Nano: 9 kilonewtons; Photon: 9 kilonewtons
Sling Length (cm)
60 centimeters
73 grams