Metolius Bravo II Quickdraw


Made up of 2 Bravo II wiregate carabiners, this Metolius Bravo II Quickdraw is a lightweight, high-strength quickdraw with a built-in mechanism to keep the rope-side carabiner correctly positioned.


  • Flared nose profile helps reduce accidental gate openings
  • Redesigned rope well for increased durability
  • Sling has sewn-in rubber JIG that keeps the rope-side carabiner in place for quick clipping action
  • CE/UIAA certified


Technical specs

Best Use
Gate Open Clearance
19.5 millimeters
Strength Major Axis Closed
24 kilonewtons
Strength Major Axis Open
10 kilonewtons
Strength Minor Axis
7 kilonewtons
Sling Length (cm)
15.24 centimeters
73.6 grams